Manage anonymity in your Votes and Evaluations

Anonymity is a major aspect in the process of giving everyone a voice during meetings. That is why we have decided to give you the hand when it comes to enable or disable your participants to contribute anonymously. You can now decide for each Vote and Evaluation whether the participant can answer anonymously or not.

To find out how to use this new parameter, please read this article.

Give the choice to participants

By default, the “Anonymous answers” option is checked. This enables your participants to decide whether they want to “sign” their answer or not. This options is only available for participants who are connected with their Wisembly account. Non connected participants will obviously be considered as anonymous.

Give the choice to the administrator

If you decide to uncheck the “Anonymous answers” option, all answers will have to be signed. This way, participants who are not connected will be invited to sign in or to create an account on Wisembly. This enables you to get the identity of every respondent if you need to.

Standard use case 

During a business meeting, the presenter sometimes need to collect ideas from the participants. He can create a questionnaire with the  “Anonymous answers” option left checked. With every participant being required to sign when taking the questionnaire, he is sure to get a honest and identified answer. Furthermore, the analysis can be made easier, by taking into account the function, service, branch or region of the respondents.

See you around,
Wisembly Team