Integration of Google Drive files

Wisembly now enables you to incorporate files from your Google Drive! Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides and Google Drawings are now 3 clicks away from your Wiz. Once uploaded on your platform, these documents can be presented and shared to your participants.

To discover how this new possibility works, please read this article.

To secure your data

Display a document hosted on another website is not complicated task. The real stake here is securing the date that are passed through. Thanks to authentication technologies used on Wisembly, we can guarantee a simple and smooth transfer of your files. You just have to enable data exchanges between the two platforms so you can pick up any document from your Google Drive and add it to your Wiz.

To share documents

To ensure a fully collaborative integration, we needed to enable you to make these documents available for download to your participants. In order to do so, it we had to convert the files in PDF format, that’s why the conversion process will be launch every time a Google file is added. This way, you participants will be able – only if you decide they are – to read your Google files directly on your Wiz, and to download them to their smartphones, tablets or PCs.

See you around,
Wisembly Team