The Ranking, a new type of question

The Ranking is a new type of question, available for all Votes and Questionnaires. This new feature will enable your participants to sort different items in the order they want.

Find out how to use the Ranking in this article.

The final ranking

Every item, given its position in the list, gets a certain score. Wisembly works out the average score and compares all items to rank the different items in the participants’ preferred order.

For instance, every time a participants answer a question with X items,
– The item ranked as first of the list gets X points,
– The item ranked as second of the list gets X-1 points,
– The item ranked as third of the list gets X-2 points, etc.

Results are displayed in a histogram, same as the multiple-choice and single-choice questions.

Randomize choice order for participants

To make sure we don’t influence the participants’ choices, we have implemented an additional parameter enabling you to display the items to be ranked in a random order. This way, each participant will see the list randomly sorted on his own interface. As for participants answering via SMS, they can see the list of items on the Presentation mode to decide their own ranking.

Standard use case for this feature

This feature is perfect to prioritize different projects, in order to speed up the decision making process. To do so, the administrator can launch a Ranking question to all participants, titled “Rank the following projects according to their importance”. Your participants will just have to drag and drop the items to re-order the list that is displayed, and therefore provide their opinion about the list.


See you around,
Wisembly Team